Introducing Catherine Debbert, Mcd Independent Property Management

Catherine Debbert is originally from Toronto, Ontario. Her exceptionally diverse range of property managerial experience includes extensive involvement in portfolios that covered an impressive span of residential and commercial property types including the following:

  • Large urban property with 152 residential units with an additional 80,000 sq. ft. of prime
    Commercial office space.
  • 131 separately located rent geared to income properties including town homes, semi-detached, single family, duplexes and triplexes.
  • Over 500 residential units for 3 separate non-profit organizations both market and rent geared to income housing.
  • Portfolio of high rise rental buildings, commercial, retail, office and industrial mix located in East York, Toronto.
  • A current portfolio consisting of freehold condominium, town home condominium, multiplex and single family homes throughout the GTA and Durham Region.

Catherine was commissioned by Ontario Learn (a partnership of 24 Ontario community colleges) to design and teach their Landlord and Tenant Law online post-secondary course. Catherine proudly taught this course through Durham College for 3 years.

The formation of her company Mcd Independent Property Management has provided Catherine with the opportunity to employ a realistic, thorough, and experienced approach to managing both condominium and rental communities. While remaining progressive and creative, Catherine takes pride in upholding all the governing principles that define effective, judicious and empathetic property management.

“Mcd has allowed me to witness firsthand what can actually be achieved when property management is organized to “deep focus” on its clients more often. As an independent, our select portfolio allows us the luxury of being able to think outside the box and pull from a wider range of resources. More often than not this results in increased choice and savings for our valued clients.”