Condominium Property Management by Mcd

Mcd was established in 2006 to provide truly receptive and fully engaged property management service in the GTA and Durham Region. President, Catherine Debbert and staff have over 25 years of condominium property management and business communications experience.

Our superior service and thorough knowledge of the Condominium Act of Ontario sets us apart from our competitors. It has become increasingly crucial that property management professionals be capable of communicating clear, concise, and acurate interpretations of these central pieces of legislation to their client condominium owners and Board members. You can count on Mcd to keep you informed on how the Condominium Act applies to each and every issue in your community.

Every Condominium Community is Unique.

Mcd’s suggested management fee is always tailored to your communities’ current needs and future goals. We immediately begin to pass savings on to your corporation by designing a realistic and balanced management mandate that more exactingly addresses your communities’ unique circumstances. This approach is central to the way we’ve operated since our inception and is garnered from our years of experience in the industry. Call us “community based”!

Highlights from Mcd’s Comprehensive List of Condominium Property Management Services:

  • Ongoing Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Release of up to date and accurate Status Certificates
  • Reserve Fund Administration
  • Detailed Budgets and Financial Reports
  • Expert preparation and execution of Annual General Meetings
  • Preparation of Liens and Special Assessments in accordance with the Condominium Act
  • Effective and fair enforcement of Bylaws, Rules and Regulations
  • Customized community newsletters produced and delivered monthly,quarterly or biannualy.
  • 24 hour emergency service response
  • Maintenance: Mcd delivers a minimum of three competitive quotes from qualified professionals for all major repair / maintenance projects. All large work projects are formalized by setting out the specifics of the work to be performed (timing, warranty, and details the payment schedule of the job). We carefully tender landscaping and snow removal contracts on a yearly basis.
  • Capital Projects: Mcd is richly experienced in overseeing most general construction projects. This includes calling of tenders through to resolution of deficiencies. When any project requires a higher level of technical expertise, we advise you so that a proper engineer or consultant can be engaged at the discretion of the Board.
  • Mcd does not add its own mark up to incoming contractor and maintenance quotes.

Our Core Values…

Mcd always strives to be:
a company that applies its seasoned experience to the benefit of its clients;
a company who guarantees to remain receptive and engaged;
a company that rises to the changing circumstances of its clients;
a company that can contribute as a reliable and informed consultative partner;
a company who is passionate about its service offerings;
a company that possesses a thorough understanding of each of its clients.